Terms and Conditions

Staffroom always seeks to provide the highest level of services to all its users. We are a customer-oriented organisation so that we invite our users to contact us in order to improve our facilities and continue providing the best service possible.

Our services, which includes this website www.staffroom.ie, its design, software and related feature are the property of Staffroom and Church Support Group and should not be copied.

When using this website, users accept this Terms and Conditions. We refer to these two terms user or users as employer/s, job advertiser/s, educational institution/s, organisation/s, company/ies, jobs seeker/s, or any other person that uses this website and the services we provide.

Use of this website: Staffroom reserves the right to refuse, suspend or cancel any registration or order that is not appropriate or does not respect other people’s rights according to regulations of the Republic of Ireland. Additionally, Staffroom may take legal actions over users if considers that that is the right way to proceed under the regulations of the Republic of Ireland.

No refunds: Customers who have infringed upon others’ rights by misusing this website will not have access to any refund from Staffroom.

Updates of T&C: Staffroom reserves the rights to update this T&C and this website without previous notice to its users.

Services: Staffroom reserves the rights to update, improve or cancel its services without previous consent with its users. Staffroom is not responsible for any interruption or outage of its services or system failure that may occur at any time for different reasons. Similarly, Staffroom is not responsible for any error that this website may contain. Only users are liable for any risk resultant of using Staffroom services.

Active regulations and procedures: Primary school vacancies are regulated by the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland https://www.education.ie/en/ . Both employers and job seekers of the primary education level are responsible for following updated regulation and procedures when recruiting staff or applying for jobs in those educational institutions.

Accuracy of data and information: Registrants or other users of this website must provide Staffroom with accurate information at any time using Staffroom services and its portal. Staffroom is not liable for any inaccuracy, incomplete, false, wrong or similar situation regarding the content or information supplied by its users, third parties on this website or supplied by any other link mentioned on this website. Hence, Staffroom does not carry any responsibility on the information provided by its users at any stage of the recruitment process or after its conclusion. Similarly, Staffroom does not carry any responsibility arising as a consequence of the recruitment process.

Collection and managing information: Staffroom collect and manage data in a transparent and respectful manner meeting GDPR standards. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Payment: To advertise vacancies in Staffroom, schools should annually subscribe to our system. Subscriptions are from 1st September to 30th August each year and it covers unlimited job advertisements. We provide different options of payments to facilitate that process to them including PayPal or other similar method.

Finance information: We collect and process financial information required to comply with Irish tax laws and for billing purposes. This information is given to us by our customers’ consent.

Subscription renewal: Subscriptions are due to be renewed yearly. Accounts will be remained in the Staffroom system and be fully activated when payment is accredited in our accounting system. Only fully activated accounts are able to post jobs.

Overall agreement: Users of Staffroom services and users of this website accept this Terms and Conditions.

Last update June 2019
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