Substitute Teaching Position Service (STP) – For Schools

This is an advertisement service that has put in place for schools and candidates to help with shortage of teachers for short term positions. So that when a school submit a Substitute Teaching Position (STP), an alert is sent to those teachers who had expressed an interest in short term positions. Similarly, schools receive an alert regarding teachers interested in substitute teaching positions in the county where the school is located.

The Department of Education and Skills of Ireland has issued the Circular 0031/2011 in which states Teacher recruitment, registration and qualifications. We suggest that the school authorities read that Circular along with other relevant regulations from the same Department before starting a recruitment process (e.g. Governance Manual for Primary Schools).

As the Circular highlights its purpose “is to ensure, as far as practicable, that people appointed to teach are registered teachers with qualifications appropriate to the sector and suitable to the post for which they are employed and that unemployed teachers are offered employment in preference to those who have retired.” The same Circular also emphasises that “each employer shall ensure that each person proposed for appointment to a teaching post…”, a) Be registered with the Teaching Council…and b) Have qualifications appropriate to the sector and suitable to the post for which s/he is to be employed (referred to in this circular as “appropriately qualified”).”

You may find Circulars and Forms from the Department of Education and Skills here.